Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Bucket List

I've never been a fan of New Years resolutions. It's one BIG goal that puts a whole heap of pressure on yourself that ultimately never gets completed. At the end of another year you've either forgotten about it or haven't accomplished it leaving you feeling guilty and sad and vowing to do it right next year.
I'm boycotting New Years resolutions and instigating the Bucket List instead.

Having a bucket list has always been a huge thing for me. When I finished high school I decided to write one to send something out into the universe in hopes that it would return with positive results. I lost it for a couple of years and then SOMEHOW managed to stumble across it again and to my pleasant surprise, was able to tick some things off that I had completely forgotten I had written. They included:

- Go sky diving - DONE

- Go bungy jumping - DONE

- Swim with dolphins - DONE

- Travel without my folks - DONE

 (dark hair circa '09)

- Go sky diving - DONE

- Go bungy jumping - DONE

- Swim with dolphins - DONE 

- Get a tattoo - DONE

- Complete highschool and be genuinely happy with my results - DONE

- Create a solo CD as a singer - DONE

 and definitely one of the cooler things

- Meet Katy Perry - DONE


After rediscovering this one and being impressed with what I had accomplished, I decided to write a new one. Here's some of the things that I accomplished with that list:

 - Try a pole dancing class - DONE (and now addicted)

- Have my own photography exhibition - Working on it!

- Keep a pot plant alive - Forever incomplete, turns out I don't have much  of a green thumb

- Have a photograph printed in a magazine - DONE

- Go on a pub crawl - DONE

- Have my own studio - DONE

After hitting some of those goals I've decided to put another up in preparation for the new year. It's been sitting in my phone with cute little emoticons next to it, but why not send it out to the universe this way, via blog:

- Go overseas with my bestie Daisy

- Go to Europe

- Work for Contiki

- Work at a USA Summer Camp

- Visit number 1 on my travel list - NYC baby

- Wear a tourist-esque statue of liberty hat whilst eating a classic NY New York of course

- Learn how to make a fire 

- Eat gumbo & beignets in the French Quarter, New Orleans

- Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

- Stay in a cabin in the snow (learning how to make a fire will help this one out)

- Spend 6 months living in San Francisco & 6 months in New York

- See the northern lights

- Carve a pumpkin

- Go on a sled ride (preferably led by Balto but I'm not fussy)

- Experience a white Christmas

- Own a green tree frog named Frank (don't ask)

Some of them I know I'll accomplish next year (the first two are set in stone for April - woo!) some may take some time. Some may never even happen (e.g my inability to keep a plant alive) but the point is if you base your goals on small accomplishments, you'll be amazed at how quickly the little things become big things.

Share some of your bucket list items on Jaded Images Facebook, I'd love to hear what's on yours.
Til next time comrades!


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