Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Top 5 Things to do in India

In August this year I was blessed with the privilege of visiting the beautiful India. An overwhelming country for many! The poverty, garbage, sounds and smells are all incredibly different from our home here in Australia.
But if you can visit with an open mind and heart and be willing to try new things then this is the place for you! You'll experience color, unlimited smiles, insane busyness, fantastic food and an incredible sense of wonderment. It's hard to sum this up, but here goes! Here are 5 of my favorite things to do in India. 

1. Ride a camel into the Bikaner desert & camp overnight

I'm not much of a camper, camel rider, or an outdoors person at all really. But sleeping outside under a field of millions of stars was worth not being able to walk properly for a few days after 4 hours riding a camel!

2. Embrace the culture and talent literally anywhere

Dancers, fire breathers, magicians, singers, weavers, arts and crafts enthusiasts - you name it. The Indian culture is incredibly talented and imaginative and definitely worth experiencing when you're there.

3. Visit the Ganges

There's a lot of talk about seeing bodies float down this river and people defecating in it (how pleasant) so imagine my surprise when I arrived and it looked like this! I visited in monsoon season so it was incredibly overflowed but you can find amazing spots to view this river all through Varanasi.

4. Visit the kids from the Salaam Balaak Trust program

A beautiful trust fund that's run in New Delhi that helps get kids off the street. The program encourages them to finish schooling so they have the best chance at starting a life of their own once they're of age. You can donate to this fund and even volunteer with them if you're interested (one for the bucket list)

5. And of course, visit the Taj Mahal

This beautiful monument was my first wonder of the world and was even more impressive than I could have imagined. Its a little pricey to see (750 rupees if your a tourist, 20 rupees if you're a local) and you have to go through a crazy amount of security, but the feeling when you get your first glimpse is something no picture can do justice!

Okay so really there's 6.
6. Put yourself out of your comfort zone!

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