Monday, 19 May 2014

Birmingham & London

Lori and I arrived to a very rainy Birmingham but were greeted by her fantastic roommates, Nuala, Emma and Claire. Lori is currently studying nursing at the University of Birmingham so I got to experience living in a flat with uni students - definitely a first! 

I'm not going to lie, after close to 4 weeks backpacking, being on the move constantly, and carrying that 15kg bag, I decided to make the next week a very relaxed one. So instead of telling you how much sleep I got, I'll tell you all the fabulous things we did in Birm and London in dot point :

• taught Lori how to make tasty guacamole and had a Mexican feast

• spent too much money at the bullring shopping centre and got a photo with said bull

• had a very tasty Thai meal with Lori and our friend Emelia who we also met in India 

• had a fancy night out at the goose with loris amazing flat mates 

• had a second fancy night out at Jekyll and Hyde with Lori and Lauren and got amazing cocktails

• went to a nursing lecture and took photos on campus at the University of birmingham 

• had the famous onion ring stack at joes 

• said farewell to Selly oak 

• and said goodbye to my wonderful friend, Lori and her family 

After a wonderful week in Birmingham I hopped on the train back to London and met another friend from India named Lisa, who was very kind to host me for just under a week! 
Once again, here's some dot points of my splendid time in old London Town!

• had some wine at one of the oldest wine bars in the world

• saw some super sunny weather 

• saw the baileys stardust exhibition at the national portrait gallery. A fantastic collection of photographs of celebrities, artists and his family 

• took a day trip to the town of Bath and saw the Roman Baths in the middle of this beautiful city 

• ticked seeing Stonehenge off my bucket list - just incredible!

• took a trip to platform 9 and 3/4

• saw some badass dinosaurs at the natural history museum 

• also tested my maturity in the biology section of the natural history museum 

• saw and fed my very first squirrel in Hyde park

• had a drink ontop of London 

• caught up with my friend Matt from my USA contiki, and Katie and Fiona from my India trip 

• had a delicious hot chocolate and did a rude dot to dot 

Don't I look weirdly proud of myself?

And I sadly said farewell to London! It's been an amazing time and I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to both Lori and Lisa for hosting me for the past two weeks, words cannot describe how appreciative I am of your wonderful hospitality. 

Tomorrow begins the last part of my journey, Scandinavia and Russia contiki !!

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