Saturday, 12 April 2014

Euro Adventure - London

At the moment we are travelling around Europe for a massive 2 month holiday. However, considering how many photos we've taken already I think it's safe to say it's a "work" trip.

This blog will be a little insight into our travels for the next two months, so keep your eyes peeled! 

And what better way to start it off, than with the incredible London -

After a 24 hour journey we arrived in London at 5am - it's safe to say we were pretty worn out already. But only being here for two days, we decided to go hard or go home!

We dropped our things at the lovely Fiona's house, had a classic cup of tea (in a British mug of course) and set off on our own into the heart of the city.

Now the Brits think that they're having lovely weather at the moment, but being Aussies, their "lovely" spring day, was nothing short of our coldest day in winter - pure madness! 

However we trooped on and had a look at the London eye,  took many a photo of the Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, had lunch at Trafalgar Square, wandered through the Buckingham Palace gardens and said hello to the queen, saw Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace theatre and finished the day off with some shopping. I had to purchase myself a coat, apparently my version of spring is very different to spring in the UK! 

With us running on approximately 5 hours sleep over a 48 hour period, we managed to see all the typical touristy things in one day - if that's not productive travelling then I don't know what is! 

P.s, we didn't look that glorious and made up all day - this is us at Heathrow at 5am

Day 2 - 

Today we woke up after a well deserved 8 hour sleep and had a cup of tea on Fiona's balcony. 

*please take note of British mug

Our first stop for the day was Camden markets, unfortunately for the us the train wasn't running so we had to catch the bus, it wasn't all bad though...

When we arrived in Camden we could feel the hole burning in our pockets, an incredible mixture of vintage books, hand made crafts and culturally inspired knick knacks - it was hard trying to pace ourselves.

The "we just bought new sunnies" shot

We stopped in what can only be described as an international food court. There was food from Spain, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Ethiopia, Peru, America, Australia , France and more. We settled with some Ethiopian food.

Our next stop was Harry Potter studios! Heading out to Watford Junction, we hopped on the the double decker bus and soon arrived to what can only be described as the best day of our lives

We saw the Great Hall, costumes, props, special effects, makeup, animatronics, Diagon Alley, the Knight Bus, Privet Dr, the REAL hedwig, enjoyed a butter beer and more - unless you love Harry Potter you probably can't fully appreciate the awesomeness of this, but good god was it amazing 

Just whipping up some potions with Snape 

And sorry to say it, but I'm definitely team

It's been an amazing two days in London, and we managed to get all this done in 20 hours, which feels like nothing short of a record, but now it's time to head off to Paris! A 6am train ride awaits us, so sleep is on the cards. 

Cheerio lads!

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